Off to a “Rocky” Start

Off to a “Rocky” start – Our first adventure! –

One of our first adventures was when we went out and found an rock. We came into an area that the ground came up quickly and we clipped one of our propellers. This bent the prop slightly and caused a terrible vibration when we engaged the starboard engine.

Ultimately, we had to have the boat hauled out, the props removed, the shaft / bearings checked for damage and the prop repaired and tuned. The prop repair took about 7 days to complete and we were sitting on “the hard” while this was completed.

We were very fortunate that the only damage was to the props (and our wallet) and the rest of the running gear was fine.



We elected to purchase new props and install them. This allowed us to get back on the water in 4 days, as opposed to 7 days that it took to repair the original props.


We elected to camp out on the boat while it was being repaired. So, picture this. The boat is on stands, similar to automotive jack stands, elevated with the deck about 15 feet in the air so we had to climb a ladder each time we wanted to get on or off the boat. This included carrying our dog “Roxy” up and down 3-4 times a day for a walk. I am glad Roxy is only about 20 pounds and is pretty good at trusting I would not drop her….


All in all, it was our first adventure on the boat and one that could very easily have had different outcomes. We are a bit wiser and learned from this incident.