Birthday on the boat!

Well, we made it here for my birthday, Jan 18th, WHAT A GREAT PRESENT! Thanks Shirley!

It was a challenging drive on the Coq after a reasonably good drive from Edmonton through Calgary to Kamloops, we booked a motel and had a light supper, then crashed for the night.

The room was very warm and the air conditioning did not work at all. After a few hours of trying to sleep, we decided to hit the road once again.

I grabbed a tank of gas and off we went, leaving Kamloops at about 02:30 am. as we were leaving, a snow storm was moving in, it was quite a blizzard, with rain, ice, snow and slush all falling at the same time. The slush was the worst as it tried to move the van all over the road. It was so heavy that we had to accelerate going down hill as the slush held us back.

Those that have driven the Coq know that there are a lot of dangerous corners and high mountain roads. They will also tell you there are limited places to pull off the road or turn around. Even if I managed to turn around, I would have the same drive back to Kamloops. We decied to continue towards Hope and hang up there if it did not clear up.

It was challenging and quite an adventurous drive. A reasonably short drive to Hope, should have taken about 1 1/2 hours, ended up taking almost 3 1/2 hours.

Ever been excited to drive at 60km/hr? Well, it got real scary after 60…….whew!

After Hope, the drive was wet, but no longer icy or snow covered, just wet and dark.

We managed to catch the 09:00 ferry to Sidney and arrived at the boat shortly before 11:00 am.

Although it was pouring rain, the boat was dry and welcoming. We settled in and opened the boat, unloaded the gear and had supper.

The day ended early and we welcomed a great sleep!


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