Electronic Boat

We have been challenged with Internet access in the marina as the network is pretty flakey. This issue has been managed by bringing in SHAW OPEN to set up a network. After several weeks of installation, including at least 4 new mini towers, the network finally came online 2 days ago.


We were connected as soon as I powered up my iPad and iPhone. GREAT News! We can now receive e-mail as well as surf the internet.


This, of course is not enough for an old geek like me, so I added some components to create a boat network. Working with my brother Mike, we came up with a boat network that consists of a radio to connect to SHAW OPEN, then to a wireless router that connects all of our devices which include 2 computers, a WD Live TV box, and believe it or not, a VoIP phone.


Thanks to Mike’s expert guidance and support, everything installed smoothly and all on the first try! Things can not get easier than this! What a pleasure to set up and easy to use! Thanks Mike!


Now we can surf the net, check email, do all of our computer business, talk on the phone and watch Netflix, all at the same time.


We also set up our satellite TV dish and receiver on the aft deck. This allows us to have the same TV as we have on the farm. We can get all the channels we normally receive and have perfect reception. We can get our TV fix. (I am actually watching Star Gate SG-1 as I type this post)




Of course, this only works when we are in our slip, which is just fine, as when we are out, we have other things to do, such as drive the boat and see the sites. We also have a lot of movies stored for those long days on the “hook”


Isn’t life Great!



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