Installed the Inverter

I spent quite a bit of time to determine where and how I would install the power inverter.

I finally decided to install it in the main saloon just below the magazine rack at the helm. Unfortunately, it is very visible and not hidden away, but it is the best location for cooling and convenience to operate.



You can see the main power cables coming up through the floor, the positive one runs through an isolator switch, then to a 300 amp fuse before connection to the power inputs on the inverter.

I have to complete the battery bank yet and add 2-4 12vdc deep cycle batteries. This will have to wait until I complete the storage rack in the engine compartment.

Our intent is to power a 110vac freezer/fridge to enable us to store more food on board as well as freeze any fish/prawns we catch,¬†We will also be able to run other 110vac appliances, like an ice machine and a blender for the margaritas…



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