Our first “Offical” cruise

Our first cruise

After several days working on the boat, primarily replacing the master switch, we decided to take a cruise to Bedwell Harbour on South Pender Island.

Bedwell Route 1

The trip was uneventful and we missed all the rocks this time…

I was surprised at the amount of debris floating in the water. The tide movements tend to keep the debris moving in and out from shore. This is a lot different than my experience on fresh water lakes where debris works it’s way to shore and washes up. Here, the stuff takes a long time to get to shore and then it may not stay there when the tide shifts.

We have to keep a vigilant eye as we cruise along to ensure we do not run into any large objects.

Notice the picture below. As Bill said, if you see a line of birds seeming to sit on the water, chances are, there is a log under them.

100_2227 100_2229 100_2223 100_2228

Check the video out, I hope it comes through well.

Bedwell Harbour Cruise (MP4 4mb)

Link to Video (AVI 11MB)



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